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If you have purchased ISBNs in the past and have lost or mislaid your numbers you can have them reissued here. Unused ISBNs remain valid indefinitely.

If you are using this site for the first time you need to register before you can purchase, regardless of whether you have purchased ISBNs offline in the past via the ISBN Agency for UK & Ireland.

Once you have completed your payment, the order will be processed and a complete list of your ISBNs e-mailed to you within five working days. The list of ISBNs will be sent to the e-mail address you used in the registration form.

We can only reissue your ISBN’s if they were allocated by the ISBN Agency for the UK & Ireland. If you require a reissue of ISBN’s which were allocated outside of the UK please contact your national ISBN Agency.

Enter an ISBN: To enable us to process your order, please enter an ISBN from your allocation, or perhaps a book you have already published.  This is mandatory.  If you cannot supply this information or you are unsure of how many ISBNs you originally purchased please contact: isbn.agency@nielseniq.com before ordering.  

Reissue 10 ISBNs  Example: 978-1-9345678–x-x or 978-0-9345678-x-x
If your example ISBN has 8 digits between the 978 and last 2 digits of the full ISBN, your allocation contained 10 ISBNs.

Reissue 100 ISBNs Example: 978-1-987654 - xx - x 
If your example ISBN has 7 digits between the 978 and last 3 digits of the full ISBN, your allocation contained 100 ISBNs.

Reissue 1,000 ISBNs Example: 978-1-87654 - xxx - x 
If your example ISBN has 6 digits between the 978 and last 4 digits of the full ISBN, your allocation contained 1,000 ISBNs.

Reissue 10,000 ISBNs Example: 978-1-5432- xxxx -x 
If your example ISBN has 5 
digits between the 978 and last 5 digits of the full ISBN, your allocation contained 10,000 ISBNs.

All prices are inclusive of UK Standard Rate Value Added Tax.

Re-Issue 10 ISBNs
£25.00 per block of 10

Re-Issue 100 ISBNs
£35.00 per block of 100

Re-Issue 1000 ISBNs
£65.00 per block of 1000

Re-Issue 10000 ISBNs
£105.00 per block of 10000

If your ISBN allocation is larger than 10,000 numbers, please email us at isbn.agency@nielseniq.com

Important Information

As part of our service the list you will receive also shows the titles registered with Nielsen Book. Where there is no title, this means only that no data has been sent to Nielsen Book, not necessarily that the ISBN is unused. You will need to check your own records to make sure the number is free.

The ISBN Agency cannot be responsible for re-use or duplication of ISBNs.

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